Working Approach - distilled from your values

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Just recently I told you about my personal values to introduce me to you. Let me continue where these values led me to in terms of my working approach. And before I start a short notice: It will free up your mind during decision making processes about the future when you are fully aware of both, your values and your approach. Writing them down will sharpen your vision and helps you to decide if a collaborator or team member matches your "style".

So let's go ahead. This is my approach:
I make my working process transparent.
As a discussion partner and collaborator I help to develop thoughts, concepts, and ideas.
Punctual effectiveness and the development of optimal results are defining elements of my work.
My work sets a course for the future.
Before I deliver answers, I help to ask the right questions.
My core competence is to enable clarity and helping to find the path to the future. When I cross over into territory that isn’t my area of expertise, I reach out and collaborate with other professionals.
I invest enough time and effort in the planning and research for a project to prevent expensive mistakes and to save time and energy in the realization.
My job is to create long-lasting solutions to long-term goals. I prepare well-conceived approaches to problems rather than temporary or impulsive fixes.
I act as an advisor and motivator.
I use my professionalism throughout the creative process to recognize answers that lie within existing structures and systems.

That's it for my approach. Both – my values and my approach – will hopefully lead through most of what I do. I encourage you to distill your own approach too. It's helpful. :)

Honestly, I would really enjoy to see, what you come up with. I'm curious!


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Working Approach - distilled from your values