This is the place to share our knowledge, create and spark ideas and create value – all within the universe of human-to-human communication – most and foremost in a visual way.


Core values - What are yours?

I've written down my personal values so you can compare. This is the first step in deciding if we match somehow.  I think you're on the right website if you share any of my personal values (the more the better).

Mental clarity - 3 Levels of Focus

Everybody is going crazy these times. Stressed out and 0% productive. It has shown to me that mental clarity and especially mental health are crucial success factors to perform on a high level. Working visually can help us.

Pokémon Go Business Model Case

Pokémon Go is a nice example to show some important business model mechanics in place. I'll explain this case with the help of the "Business Model Canvas" - the tool created by Alex Osterwalder and his team

Holger's default pens for sketchnoting

In my Visual Thinking Trainings people keep asking about my pen setup when working in my sketchbooks. That's why I decided to create this blog post as reference for people to look it up. 

How the WorkVisual Institute was born

Developing and executing a business model portfolio strategy. Here's the next step of the journey to my vision to scale knowledge sharing, developing ideas and create value.

Holger's Favorite Books

This a list of Holger's favorite books for #workvisual #sketchnotes #visualthinking #bmgen #vpdesign #strategy #leanstartup and #innovation

Sketchnote of travel belongings

Give me a bag and I will overload it — it's been like it forever. Inspired by some posts out there I did a sketch of my belongings. The smallest amount of things I carry with me for a job if you like.

The truth in you

Sometimes people ask me: “How can you understand all of this and remember all that important things that were said?” And that’s …

Live Stream Graphic Recording

We had the chance to provide a graphic recording of a public event via live stream. And this is the way I want to share this experience with you.

Summer break

The first half of this year 2013 is over. It was filled up with a lot of interesting conversations with people, great projects and challenges.

Mavia – passion for impact

 “Mavia- passion for impact” is a Zurich-based start-up with big ambitions. The two entrepreneurs that founded the company are both equally …

Workshop WSES 2011

I hosted a session on visual thinking in creation and collaboration for a sustainable future, I was part of a panel discussion and talked …