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Take the fastest way to the big goal

Everything you need while drawing is just one fingertip away
for a natural and fluent workflow.

Workvisual Full-Follow Tool – Workvisual Institute App
Switch between Full and Follow for your audience to show the whole canvas or going in detail for them or just for you.
Workvisual Layers – Workvisual Institute App
select them from this bar, transform, lock, multiply them and many more. Again, just one tap away.
Workvisual Brushes – Workvisual Institute App
Switch fast between your brushes of choice or edit and presave them with one fingertip.
Workvisual Redo Tool – Workvisual Institute App
Making a happy little mistake you don’t want to record?
Workvisual Lasso Tool – Workvisual Institute App
select parts of your drawing, re-arrange, merge or move them. Layer-comprehensiv.
Workvisual Magnifier Tool – Workvisual Institute App
Keep always an overview while navigating or jumping back at 100% with one tap.