World Sketchnote Day 2017 Challenge

World Sketchnote Day 2017 Lukas

We partnered up with our friends at Sketchnote Army for the World Sketchnote Day 2017 and created the challenge "How do you define digital sktechnoting?" The winners would get a seat in our online training and the best of the best would have an extra hour 1-on-1 coaching session!

We'll list all entries in this post without a specific order. If you're curious, scroll down for the announcement of the winners! ;)


The stakes are high. The World Sketchnote Day 2017 was full of wonderful, great posts, events and communication. We'll list all the entries for our #SNDay2017 challenge here in this post. They are all great and deserve the honor to be seen again. They'll be posted in chronogical order.



Melainedruz SNDay2017


With a decent, thoughtful color palette this digital sketchnote makes his visual mark. I especially like the framing of the whole drawing! Great job!



Funken SNDay2017

Spacious and yet full of insights! Nicole figured out one of the biggest drawbacks of working digital. The trap of perfectionism is always around the corner. Big deal!



cibi1974 SNDay2017

Strong main color in here. I thought it is a really good idea to be so vibrant. It totally popped out in my Twitter stream. The way to display "Undo" is my favorite in this piece!



xLontrax SNDay2017

Mauro's concept of a "fluid communication" is spot on. Not only the abstract visual for that idea, but also the scaling of the lefthand drawing to the right hnd drawing is adorable. Unmistakenly an original @xLontrax 



KaiakoWilson SNDay2017

One of the strenght of digital sketchnoting becomes clear in this wonderful piece. Structure and graphical style are so dominant in this piece like it would be very difficult to achieve with pen&paper. I love the thoughtful use of color here too!



DianaSoriat SNDay2017

Another celebrity of the tribe joined our challenge. And what a wonderful, magnificant contribution! Diana really knows how to grab attention and tell a visual story.


@xLontrax (again!)

You know what? That font is handdrawn. Precise, well design white space. I love it!

xLontrax SND2017



ColinHorner2 SNDay2017

I recognize his style right away! Colin is one of the super active visual thinkers out there. The combination of the grey background with yellow shout outs is really strong and leads the eye very well.



unlockawesome SNDay2017

Listening with a pen is quite an important thing! It helps to capture ideas more quickly and to remember them for a longer time. I like the use of one of our custom brushes to create that fluffy frame!



inktelldocto SNDay2017

On the spot. Nothing more, nothing less. I like this contribution for it's dense format. Really!



visual_coach SNDay2017

It's a little bit off topic but it is a wonderful small gif. Therefor it has to be mentioned. Thanks for this one!


@ColinHorner (again!!)

ColinHorner SNDay2017

His reply on one of our comments. Spontaneous and quick. That's what digital sketch notes are. :)



illustration14What a wonderful collage of different styles and contents, isn't it? Therefor I really like this "sketchnote"!



Funken SNDay2017One of the biggest advantages of digital sketchnoting: Working on solid background colors. Reduced to only two colors here! Wonderful.



gmakademie SNDay2017

Last but not least! Absolutely love the metaphor of Einsteins maths! There is something behind all this digital stuff that's super complex but seems to easy for us as users.


And the winner is......!

To be honest, this was hard decision making in the team. All this magnificent contributions!
All of the contributors will get the WorkVisual App Online Training for free! That's worth 35.- EUR each.
Additional to that, @cibi1974 wins the V.I.P. Ticket which includes an hour of mentoring one-on-one worth 350.- EUR! Congratulations Céline Pernot-Burlet!! That was good work. We really loved your sketchnote.

And yes, all of them where really great. Thank you so much for participating and looking forward to #SNDay2018!!!

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World Sketchnote Day 2017 Challenge