Apple Pencil Integration

pencil integration

Finally! We’ve got the Apple Pencil integration on the iPad Pro online. If you have the App, you’ll have it with the current update. So grab yours!

Holger did a brief and rough tutorial on the new function.
This is basically the new “Pencil Button” in the Brush Edit Menu. By activating the button, your finger will be deactivated as a drawing tool – zooming, panning and color picker still work with the pinger.
By choosing this solution we have made the big step in having a very good performance with the pencil on the one hand and with zooming and color picking on the other hand.

And there are a bunch of new brushes. Scroll and experiment!

We hope you like it as we do. :)

Apple Pencil Integration from Work Visual Institute on Vimeo.


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Apple Pencil Integration