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I think – that’s Holger writing – that you as colleagues and users have far more potential to think of improvements for the WorkVisual App than me and my small team alone.

Therefor we created a public Trello Board called “WorkVisual App – Feature Development”
You can access it here:

So how will it work?
The real music plays in the first list “Feature Plans+Requests”. All requests that reach me on Twitter, Facebook, Mail etc. will be listed here. And you can vote to get your favorite feature on top of the list! Click on the card of the feature and then klick on “vote” in the right menu of the card. I hope that works out, as we’re doing this for the first time ever. :)

The list “up next” shows our next steps in development. This will normally be the ones you voted up highly or something that’s more critical from a developers point of view for overall performance.
“Working on” stands for it self, doesn’t it?
“Needs testing” shows the features we’re testing on our internal iPads. Normally it takes roughly 2 weeks from there to “live”

I belief in the power of sharing and collaboration. As most of you know, I created this App because I needed it as a tool for myself. We’re not yet a big company, but we do our best to keep things rolling. 😉

We’re looking forward to this new possibility to interact with you.

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Become part of our extended team!