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Using a series of drawings, I worked with a research team from the University of Alaska Anchorage to document the science behind their research methods and their results as they built scientific scenarios for the future of salmon fishing in the Kenai River area of Alaska in the year 2050.  
Using Work Visual, I strung together recorded a series of drawings in the app, planned out using a script from the researchers, then combined them in iMovie with narration.  iMovie allowed me to speed up and slow the recording to match the dialog beat for beat. Find the amazing video here! (comment by the highly subjective editorial staff) 


I used Work Visual over something like Procreate or a screencapturing software for several reasons. The export utility let me hide a planning layer in the final version, so I could plan my drawing, get it approved by the client, then finalize it, saving time and my sanity. The simplified drawing tools and colors also gave the drawings character and a defined style. The export utility also allowed me to save videos and the static images from different points, so the client could use still images in their documentation and videos on their website.    
The only downside is that the exported video doesn't match the format for widescreen video and leaves black side bars in the final product, leaving it just short of a fully professional video.  


Lee Post Video


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User Story: Lee Post