Review “Ask me anything” webinar June 7th


We did our first webinar ever. And it worked out quite well! Participants were happy, we were happy (especially when it was over) and all in all it was fun as well.

People asked us to make the Video Recording of the webinar available afterwards. And here you come. It’s not edited – only added intro and outro. I hope it’ll help you. :)

Webinar Recording - Ask me anything - WorkVisual App with Holger Nils Pohl from Work Visual Institute on Vimeo.

I thought it would be good to capture my learnings as well. Perhaps one of you will organize a webinar in the future and would be happy to know some stumbling blocks in advance. Feel free to use my Key Learnings Sketchnote to your best.

full summary

I personally have to that Rachel Smith over at who did save me a lot of nerves with here magnificant blog post on here learnings of a remote meeting. It helped a lot!


We will have the next webinar on how I prepare my drawings within the WorkVisual App on June 26th 10:00 AM CEST. Register here for free:

And if you’re interested to learn even more. We’ll host a WorkVisual iPad Training Webinar on July 7th 3:00 PM CEST

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How to draw a horse

Here something not to serious but as well worth reflecting on. The video shows Holgers daughter (seven years old) drawing a horse with the App.

Review “Ask me anything” webinar June 7th