Share your favorite brushes and colors

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Only a few working days ago one of our biggest Updates so far got online – it’s the ability to export AND import workvisual files to and from dropbox! And this creates a really cool opportunity for all of us. It enable the EXCHANGE of workvisual files between the two of us. :)
Meaning I can share a workvisual file with you and you import it to your iPad. And all of a sudden you can use my preferred brush settings and colorpalettes! Just save them as a preset for your own. That’s it.

To start this wave of back and forth sharing our brushes, I’ll give you mine, ok?
Just download them here and place them in your WorkVisualApp Dropbox folder to import. Enjoy and share!


And here is how it works generally:

share step 1share step 2


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Holger’s Standard Settings

People often ask me, which brushes I use and how they can set them for themselves. That’s why I created this short presentation.

Share your favorite brushes and colors