World Sketchnote Day 2016


On January 11th, 2016 thousands of sketchnoters worldwide celebrated the “World Sketchnote Day 2016” which is facilitated by Sketchnote Army. If you not already have, you should subscribe to their mailing list. It’s tons of cool sketchnotes! (Original articel under this one)

We had so much fun on this day. It’s unbelievable. A heartwarming, lovely community and so much cool visuals from around the world. Wonderful!

As promised, we did draw the whole day and as well we drew everything another #SNDay2016 participant would ask us. This is our harvesting of the sketchnotes we created on that day. Beware! It’s quite a lot of them!

In no chronological order AND with our original statemant underneath each picture.
Feel free to share and use!

iPadPro Holger
This is how I (Holger) work these days and will do so #SNDay2016 @xlontrax Happy to have the iPadPro 😉


endless amount of fun
Aahh! @luumus couldn’t stop drawing! 🤗 Last one now! #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual #fuel


make a wish
Honestly. Think of anything. Call out to us on Twitter. We’ll draw it! 🙃#SNDay2016


and now what?
Marco @marcobijl asked us for this drawing today. Get your own. Request on Twitter. 🖍🖌 #SNDay2016


Space pioneer
Ideas, Spacemonkeys and Spacepioneers! 🚀 #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual


Coffee challenge
Coffee is our #sketchnotes fuel. ☺️ How is your machine looking like? #SNDay2016


bee a part
Bee part and join the party #SNDay2016


broader understanding
Challenge accepted! #SNDay2016 @xlontrax @tnvora @foglia_mario “broader understanding”


monkeys business
Let’s kick off #SNDay2016 with “Monkey’s Business” – recognize the old silverback? 😶 #WorkVisual


understanding concept
Or take this! #SNDay2016 @xlontrax “understanding concepts”


Assumptions and testing
Testing – for @reiner_walter #SNDay2016 @xlontrax #WorkVisual
searching for the red eyed elephant
Do you know these red-eyed Elephants? Tricky to find! #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual


happy mind trip
Beware the sharktopus! #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual


As you see. We can do off-iPad as well. ✏️😁 #SNDay2016


For @mrtnlst #SNDay2016 #spoileralert @luumus #WorkVisual @xlontrax


the maker educator
For @mpowers3 “the maker educator” #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual


the team
We call it a day! Thanks so much for a wonderful, fun day! #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual @rohdesign @xlontrax


Become a pirate-entrepreneur!!! #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual #playinglean


why i use sketch notes
Why I (@holgernilspohl) use #sketchnotes @sketchnotearmy @rohdesign @xlontrax #SNDay2016


wir zeichnen alles
Our offer for you today: We draw anything you ask us for!!🖌🖍🖊 #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual


Our #WorkVisual Drawing Workflow today! ✏️🤓 #SNDay2016


Drawing One for @marcobijl Taken literally 👻 What can we draw for you, fellow #SNDay2016 ?


Tribute to a great, multitalented artist. #SNDay2016 #davidbowie @DavidRuting


Our offline #sketchnotes Tools! 🔧🔩 #SNDay2016 #WorkVisual

End of the show :)







The original article


On January 11th, 2016 thousands of sketchnoters worldwide will celebrate the “World Sketchnote Day 2016” which is facilitated by Sketchnote Army. If you not already have, you should subscribe to their mailing list. It’s tons of cool sketchnotes!

Join the #SNDay2016 if you are somehow into visual thinking, sketchnotes or doodling (which I assume as you are reading this).
Just search the web and especially Twitter with the hashtag #SNDay2016 and you’ll see amazing works from sketchnoters, doodler and artists around the globe. This will be fun!

We are happy to be official supporters of the “World Sketchnote Day 2016” and we’ll have two nice services upon running on monday for you!

1. Free chat/tweeting/whatever with me about Visual Workflows on the iPad in general (incl. Paper, ProCreate, Adobe products, Goolge Apps and more)

2. For this one day, the WorkVisual Team will draw everything you want them to draw for you. (in reasonable sized pieces 😉

Please Tweet at @WorkVisualApp so that we will have a chance to see your request.

We’ll have a VERY professional workflow which we’re testing for the first time. 😉

Find a sketchnote for it right here. With an IF receipt we are streaming all Twitter mentions of @workvisualapp and #workvisual directly to our #snday2016income Slack Team Chat. Based on “First come, first serve.” We’ll then draw and answer every request and push them back to Twitter. (Again with IF that pushes our Instagram Pics to Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr, and from Facebook to Twitter) Kind of nerdy but we love it. :)



World Sketchnote Day 2016