Pokémon Go Business Model Case

Pokemon Go Business Model

In my work as a Strategy Facilitator I come across quite a lot of business model innovations - which sometimes turn out as  evolutions rather than innovations. But anyway I'm always on the hunt for good cases.

Pokémon Go is such a "good case" and therefore I created a short video (7min) to explain their business model. When I first created the video case, Pokémon Go was just recently launched. And the video is still valid in its core I think.
What makes this case interesting is the design of the "Customer Relationship" and the building block "Key Resources". Unlike a lot of other successful business cases out there, Pokémon Go has a really, really nicely designed business model mechanic.

Watch the video for the details! 🎬




And please have a careful eye on the way I present. It's piece by piece, following a storyline I developed prior to the video and it's visual (for sure it is!). Alex Osterwalder, creator of the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas and a friend of mine, coined the term "cognitive murder" for presenting all you have to show and tell to an  audience at once. This is so true! And of course it costs you more time to prepare a presentation piece by piece - but the outcome will make it worth for sure! 

Would you like me to explore another business model as well? Please let me know!

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