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Creating Innovation Book

Words, pictures, tools: The new design process for companies, organizations and brands

No other concern seems to be as striking to creatives, entrepreneurs and managers as the question: How to give birth to innovation? From which source can the initial drop be scooped? This is exactly where the present volume sets on track: The authors relate to the expressiveness of ancient icons, which are applied to the tasks of contemporary creative power. Their creative procedure highlights methods of visualization and narration of the past that already have proven their effectiveness, these are transmitted to today’s picture language and communication needs. While illustrating the most perplexing parallels between historical visuals and contemporary creative solutions, the co-authors hand out tools for the reader’s own appliance. The famous “corner to think around“ is called to mind and the message promotes and postulates a new way of visual thinking. A pulsating, innovative approach to work out originary solutions — for stand alone entrepreneurs as well as for creative teams!

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„Das einzigste Mittel die Welt zu verändern ist sie zu erklären. Sie mit Gewalt zu verändern versuchen nur diejenigen, die sie nicht erklären können.“

Lion Feuchtwanger





Creating Innovation Book – Theory and Workshops combined
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Creating Innovation Book – Theory
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